Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Update On The iPhone4

After a week of owning the iPhone4 and finally getting my 3G activated, I've had some surprising realisations about my usage. Everyone thought there would be a barrage of spam on my facebook and twitter accounts and that I'd be online All The Time.

Interestingly, I've noticed that I get on facebook and twitter less, and spend more time checking emails on the go, playing games (even this is not that much), and listening to music. And I spend the most time on my iPhone4... *drumroll* ... watching videos.

I like the phone but the battery life is not as good as I'd like. I have to charge it every day, and sometimes even twice a day, but I reckon with so many applications running on it, it's not that surprising that the battery drains out pretty fast. I was also disappointed that applications like Skype don't work all that well on a phone, even if I'm connected to a wi-fi network. The grasshopper and I use Truphone to call each other because it's clearer than Skype, but that only works on a wi-fi network.

.. I'd type more but (and I hate to admit this) work beckons. Update later.

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