Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's 2.20am and I can't sleep. I'm not sure why- I didn't have any coffee in the aftern... Oh oops. I did.

Well that explains it.

Anyway. Had a pleasant evening with Alfred and EYS, and have discovered (invented?) a new and nicer way to say "f*ck buddy". No more crude f-words and it's all kid friendly too.


Hehe. Apparently oxytocin is produced after one has reached a climax. It helps ... Wait a minute. According to Wikipedia it's given out after childbirth?!

Wat? I guess scrap that then.


Hmmm. I seem to have nothing else to say. Pfft. How is that even possible? I'm supposed to be rambling.

Bleh. Ok. Shall count sheep and try to sleep. (It rhymed! Wah. So clever.)

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