Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knowing Your Roots

Over dinner tonight, Jeanne shared that she had a copy of her family's ancestral "records"- which date back to 741AD. Apparently she comes from a long line of scholars, with one of her ancestors even being a prime minister of sorts back in China.

Curious to know what my family history is, I ask my dad if he has any idea. I come home and see him poring over a yearbook-like tome of picture after picture. We have a book too!

This book was compiled by the Lee Clan Association Group (haha ok I don't know the official name, but it's some sort of 会馆) but only dates back to 1410AD. It doesn't look like it contains *everyone's* names though.

Anyways, we find my dad's pictures in it but we're not too sure how to read the information so can't really tell who the upline is. I did manage to figure out that we came from 永春. So pleased!

After a quick google search, LGG tells me it's -40degrees at night and -26degrees in the day and really shouldn't have complained about the relative toastiness in Darjeeling, seeing how I apparently come from Eskimo stock.

Yong Chun is also famous for producing lychees, which I guess would explain my love for lychee martinis. Lol. It's all in my blood!

Ah well. It's interesting to read about such stuff and have a better understand of your roots. Maybe I should make a trip to Yong Chun one day.


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