Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Babysitting Duties

Took the kids out for the afternoon on Sunday while my brother and sister-in-law went to visit New Creation Church and have a dinner date. Decided to watch the movie, Frozen, and together with the help of +3, we navigated the world of babysitting three children.

It was great fun and I think +3 and I work well as a team! I like how we would take turns to carry Gideon, while the other watched and engaged Julia and Ethan.

We took the train from SK to HBF and had an early dinner at McDonalds. Not the healthiest option, but always a winner with children. Poor Gideon must have been exhausted and fell asleep on the train. He even snoozed through the meal, but was awake in time for the movie.

Frozen was a good pick. A funny show that was entertaining and enjoyable, (I love Olaf!) which all of us liked.

After the movie, we had a quick jaunt through Toys R Us to buy some toys and seal the "Best Aunt Award" before heading home.

It was fun babysitting and it certainly opened my eyes to the world of caring for children. So many things to note when they are entrusted to you! But I'm happy we did it. :)

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