Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coffee, I Miss You

I think it's been more than a month, maybe two, since I last had a cup of coffee. It all started because I started taking TCM, and apparently coffee neutralises the effects of TCM.

The doctor actually said I could have a cup a day, but my sister (who also sees a TCM doctor regularly) told me that coffee is strictly off limits. And since I want to avoid any nagging, I thought I'd follow her advice.

Oh, I miss my coffee! I used to have at least one cup in the mornings, and the lady who makes the coffee even knew my order so well that all I'd need to do was smile and she'd prepare my cup. But thankfully have been able to survive pretty well without it.

One positive side effect is that I'm actually able to fall asleep quite early at night, and no longer lay in bed tossing and turning. I'm usually in bed at 10ish and asleep by 11pm.

It's a little bit harder when I'm with +3 though, especially when I make him a cup of coffee in the mornings. I'm always so tempted to sneak a sip but so far I've been a good girl. Heehee.

Well let's hope this discipline pays off and my health condition gets better sooner than later. So far I'll just have to make do with my sanzha tea and look forward to the day I can have my cuppa again. Wheee!

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