Thursday, December 11, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 16/30

Went to the eye doctor today. Woke up with a sharp pain behind my right eye, and it hurt when I looked around. Worried, I thought about heading to the GP to check it out, but my boss asked me to see an eye doctor instead for a more thorough check up.

She recommended her opthamologist, and I made an appointment and headed down to the clinic. The location, Mt Elizabeth at Novena, was an indication of the price tag that would follow.

Registered, and had a quick eye check by the assistant. She checked my eye sight, and also eye pressure. She did that by using a machine that blew some air into my eyeball.

Saw the doctor who said such pain was quite common and could be due to sinuses not draining properly, and the resulting blockage could cause pain. He did a quick check involving shining bright lights at me, and poking and prodding my eyeball to see if it hurt (it did).

Had an ultra scan (ultra sound?) done of my eye balls, and went back to have it checked by the doctor. According to him, there was some swelling in my right eye, and I was prescribed anti inflammatory eyedrops.

Got my bill and am now poorer by 308 bucks. Although I feel the pinch, I am immensely thankful that I can afford to see a specialist and that my medical problems are taken care of by professionals. Not everyone is so lucky.

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