Friday, December 5, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 12/30

Had dinner at home this evening. Met my mom at Compass Point, and she was thinking of getting a pair of earrings for me for my wedding. She was going to have dinner with some girlfriends, so +3 and I headed back after she had shown us off to her friends. Hehe.

Dinner at home was good, as usual. Nanny made mee hoon kueh, and we bought a couple of tubs of ice cream from Island Creamery, which we had with laopa after our meal.

The mood at home was happy and relaxing and all of us just chatted the night away. Mom came back and we continued talking about random things.

At some point, I asked the parents if theu wanted to watch a movie. See, my mom is game to go out and have dinner but she isn't a big movie fan, especially if it's a horror or suspense flick. Dad is generally anti social and prefers to stay at home.

To my surprise, they both agreed to watch Interstellar at the IMAX theatre at Lido on Saturday night! Waaah after all these years of asking them out, they finally said yes! I whipped out my credit card and made the booking on the spot. Hehe.

So today, I am thankful that my parents agreed to watch a movie with us. I'm always glad to spend time with them.

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