Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Counting Down!

A few more days to the big day and things have been hectic. The biggest surprise, however, is receiving one of the bestest wedding presents ever. My sister and baby-I surprised me by coming to Singapore!!! *love*

Apparently her father-in-law is not coming but she told me he was so that she would make sure she had a seat at the dinner.

It's great having all the kids in the house, and seeing the older cousins play with the baby makes me look forward to starting my own family.

Which makes setting up the marital room so important. Who knew so much was involved in getting that done? CK came over last night with all the necessary bells and whistles- bedside lamps la, face powder la, 13 different ang paos to be placed in strategic places in the room la, a plate of fruit la, bowls to eat tangyuan la, and of course lots and lots of shuangxi stickers to be placed all over the house.

We are also planning to get baby-I to bounce on the bed. No live chickens needed! Hehehe.

Friends and family have also started streaming in to Singapore and it's a mad rush having to co-ordinate airport pick ups, meet ups and various meals and hang outs.

But it's all good. I even managed to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that doing gel nails is faster and lasts longer (and probably more damaging to ones nails but I don't plan on doing this regularly anyway).

Don't think I'll be getting much sleep in the next few days but thankfully I have an awesome make up artist hur hur hur. Feeling so blessed by all the love around me!

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