Wednesday, December 3, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 11/30

My mom sent my sis a text this morning, saying that she had run out of a certain tea that she bought when she was in the US. She couldn't find that same tea in the supermarkets, so asked my sis to give me info so I could buy it online.

Thankfully, iHerb sold the tea my mom was looking for. I was also planning to get more essential oils to make poo spray, so added these items (plus a few more other stuff) to my cart and checked out.

I love that you can get a large variety of stuff on iHerb. And I was lucky enough to get a lifetime VIP membership when there was a promotion earlier this year. So all purchases I make on iHerb are discounted! Yippie!

Yummy is also sharing the account with (you can save a few shipping addresses and billing information), so I'm glad to be able to share these savings with her. Every cent saved adds up!

So today, I'm thankful to iHerb for stocking up on so different things and making it so easy to shop there.

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