Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Boring Post About My Day

Did absolutely NOTHING. *grin* Sent a couple of emails, made a couple of calls, had a meeting and that's it. Didn't have to use my brain today- which is the best kind of work day, really.

Spent the afternoon laughing my head off at the literal videos on youtube, grabbed a bite at the cafe opposite the office, and just MSNed my day away. Woohoo!

Anyway, going for a much needed jog later and then dinner with LGG, Kenneth, Ching and Carol. I wanted to take an hour off so I could do the run earlier, but my boss took off, leaving me alone in the office. Pfft. He said I could take half day off on Friday though, so YAY! Long weekend + cookout at LGG's place.

One more hour to go before the day ends. I wonder if anyone will notice if I sneak off. Hahaha.

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