Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Wonderfully Productive Evening

Waaaah I'm so pleased! Had such a productive day yesterday. *grin*

Got off work on the dot yesterday and decided to head to the gym to get a run in before meeting LGG and the rest.

I've always had problems with my mental discipline, always managing to find some excuse or the other to cut short my runs, even though I'm not utterly exhausted. Decided to be a good girl though, and somehow managed to complete 5km without stopping! Well done, me!

Called LGG and got directions to meet them at the coffeeshop at Upper Dickson Road. And as usual, I got lost trying to find my way there. Ching called me and walked me through where I should be heading, but I still managed to end up in the backlanes. Lol.

Eventually found them and ordered a yummy masala thosai and mango lassi. Carol ordered appam to share and we all sat there chatting while I finished my meal. It was delicious.

Wow I haven't seen Kenneth since 2005 when we went to Angkor together. Can't believe it's been that long. Lol.

Anyway, we trotted across the road to have kufli ice cream and Carol was telling us about the time she went to Kota Kinabalu. Looks were exchange (wanderlust!) and before we knew it, LGG had her laptop out and was checking flight details while I was on the phone begging my boss to let me take leave.

(Boss: can we discuss this tomorrow? Me: Erm, we want to book the tickets now.)

(I bet he wonders why he hired me. Lol.)

Anyway, thankfully I had our passport details from our Bhutan/Nepal trip saved in my gmail account (gmail is da bomb!) and we managed to book our tickets right there and then. Took us what, 15 minutes to decide to go and get the tickets booked. Lol.

Confirmation email in hand, we happily traipsed on to this little bar that Carol recommeded. It was a nice place to chill and they had a promotion- for every alcoholic drink you order, you get a free plate of tapas. We scanned the menu and our eyes lit up (ok, just me and LGG) when we saw "absinthe"*. And not just one type of absinthe, they had absinthe green, absinthe red, absinthe blue and absinthe black!

*more on the absinthe story in another post

We just had to order it. She had the green one and I had the red one, Carol ordered a mojito, Ching and Kenneth had tea. We toasted to Kota Kinabalu. Lol.

The place we were at was really nice, and we just sat there chatting till it was time to go back. Grabbed a cab back, showered and then headed to bed. Fantastic day. I'm now in a holiday mood. Lol.

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