Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yawn. Tired.

Wah. I've been going out late for the past 3 nights, reaching home at past 2 or 3am each time. *yawn*

Had dinner and drinks with the Martian on Thursday. Had an interesting chat about relationships and monogamy and marriage and life. Lol. Dinner was at some Vietnamese restaurant and drinks were at No5 after, and we sat at the "platform" area behind the DJ console. I'd blog about some of the things we talked about, but I vaguely remembered promising not to do so, so.. Got back at 2am with barely enough hand-eye coordination left in me to open the padlock and gate, and fell asleep on the couch.

Took half the day off in the afternoon on Friday. Was totally zonked out in the morning, and didn't do much at all in the office. Finally left the office (and coincidentally, my energy levels surged at that point haha) and got tickets to watch Terminator with Ching. Thought the movie was so-so only, didn't quite enjoy it as some of the other movies that were screening at the cinemas.

Went to Carrefour to pick up some groceries for dinner at LGG's place, then picked her up on the way back and headed to her home. We didn't even need to cook anything because LGG had packed some stuff from her company event and there was tonnes to eat. We were nibbling on cheese and crackers, canapes, chicken wings and these tiny little mushroom puffs.

Helped her to assemble the DVD player and we decided to watch Sweeney Todd. And then, Zoolander. And then the first episode of The L Word (bad script). And then the first episode of Californiacation (Gracie from The Nanny has grown up!). We eventually grilled the vegetables that we bought and snacked on them too. Can't remember what time we left her place.

Slept in on Saturday then went to Tampines1 (I think that's what it's called). Checked out some of the new shops there and grabbed a couple of tanktops from UniQlo. Ate lunch at Manpuku and tried their oh-so-famous fruit tarts (not too bad, but I wouldn't queue as long for it anymore). Also tried the "nice"-cream from this shop at the basement that makes ice-cream using liquid nitrogen.

Headed to Balestier to have dinner with the cousins at the mutton steamboat place and we ate so much. But getting stuff from their a la carte menu was so much more worth it, we ended up eating more and paying less (of course it helps if you know what you want to eat). Trotted over to SY's place to chill by her poolside while JH made caprioskas. Niice. Went upstairs to play with the cats for a bit and then went back home.


Time to rest today.

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