Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Awesome Week To Date

One week into October and so far things have been a blast.

Stayed at the Oriental with Carol on Wed and Thu night. She was having an event and had a free room stay, and she invited me to bunk with her. Aah, it was so blissful. Waking up to a wonderful breakfast spread.. *contented sigh*

Had drinks with Li Min, Joe and Benny at Harry's on Wed. Strongbow cider is yum! Learnt how to bounce coins off the table top and into a glass and eventually I want to be able to bounce it in to a shotglass. It's all about the trajectory.

Dinner with my sis on Thu at some ramen place at Central. Note to self: never order the spicy soup. Lol. After that, she bought me a really cute dress, and then we had margaritas at Cafe Iguana. It's so nice to be able to just have a drink and chat.

Went to KPO with LGG and met up with BT, Jeanne and a couple of other people. Vodka cranberries all night long. Then crashed Carol's event at the Guildhouse and headed to smoke shisha at Arab Street. Whined about boys to each other while lying down on the couch. Lol, felt like we were 15 again, except with more money and no curfew.

Met Junie finally on Saturday. I did the vit c infusion in the morning (3 hrs! I have tiny veins) and went over to LGG's place. Hung out at home and then went to Food#03 for dinner with Anthea, Ching and some other gals. Celebrated Anthea's birthday with lots of food (think we ordered everything on the menu!) and a couple of Vitagen vodkas. Yummy.

Miraculously, we could all wake up in time to do the tree top walk at MacRitchie in the morning. 2 1/2 hours walking with Ching, LGG and Junie. It was very nice. Hard to imagine we still have such nature-y places in Singapore. Had brunch after at the Green Room.

Went home, napped, and had dinner with the relatives and an early birthday celebration. The food was good, the cake was yummy, and the family was as gossipy as ever. Lol.

Met Chui Hua last night after work and she sponsored a Javanese massage and scrub. Had a really yum dinner at Little India after. *bliss*

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