Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Part 2

Had dinner with Ching on Tuesday evening. She was going away to Bintan on Wednesday, and wanted to meet up before her trip. She brought me to the Shashliq (Shashlik?) Restaurant- an old Russian restaurant at the 6th floor of Far East Shopping Center. We had borsch soup, and a steak each, and shared a banana flambe. The food was REALLY good and I was a happy camper.

Went to the office on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised when my boss got me an ice cream birthday cake from Ben & Jerry's. The department got together to sing a birthday song and it was hilarious when the cake started melting because of all 28 candles that they decided to put on it. The ice cream cake was also really yummy. Hehehe.

Had lunch with Li Min, Joe and Shini at Sun & Moon at Chijmes. Chatted about work and holidays and other nonsensical stuff. Li Min was having a bottle of sake and he ordered one for me, so I glugged it down not knowing that I was drinking alot. Got back to the office with flushed cheeks and feeling giggly. Hehe.

Met up with LGG, Pam, Anthea and Carol and had a nice dinner at Cedele at Raffles City in the evening. We decided not to go boozing and spent the evening catching up and chatting with each other. It's been yonks since I'd seen Pam and it was really nice to know that she's doing well.

Went for a karaoke session with my colleagues after work on Thursday. This was a combined birthday celebration for me and Michelle and the few of us had a good time warbling out song after song. I think it's important that colleagues get along not only in the office, but outside the office as well, and occasionally it's really great that we make time to hang out together.

Had a meeting which ended late on Friday (how cruel!) but managed to hit the gym and did a light workout- chest, back and legs. Didn't spend any time doing cardio though, which means the next time I go, I really need to try to work up a sweat. Headed to LGG's place after that and the 2 of us really seemed like an old married couple. I got through the door and she was preparing dinner and I was complaining about what a long day I had. LOL.

We set up the DVD player and made sure the movies were all in working order and then watched a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls, and also watched the Hangover before crashing and heading to bed. Woke up early this morning for a Lord of the Rings marathon session.

Carol, Ching and Anthea came over and we ate SO MUCH. There was porridge, omelette and braised peanuts for breakfast. Cheese and crackers. Grapes. More cheese and crackers. Potato salad. Raita. Mooncake. I'm sure there was more food that I can't recall. *slurp* We had a blast of a time dubbing the script (my favourite were the Chinese dubs lol) and basically dissing Frodo throughout all three movies. Total time to complete the LOTR marathon? 10 1/2 hours. Lol.

Anyway, one more day and it's back to work. *breathes*

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