Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Back In The Groove

I rejoined the gym sometime in October last year and have been trying to make an effort to go regularly. Obviously, it's not as easy as said to be disciplined, but I guess we should never stop trying.

Went to the gym once when I was in Bangalore. There was a Fitness First at Eva Mall, and I made the grasshopper drive me there so I could get a workout. If it was convenient, I'd try to go more regularly (hire an auto to send me and pick me up). Of course, after that one session at the gym where I was overenthusiastic with the weights, I was aching so much that I gave up going again. Lol.

Fast forward to this year and this is my (ooh) second time to the gym this year. I went once last week before meeting the cousins for dinner at the Handburger and once again this evening.

It's hard to get into the groove though. I've never been a fan of jogging and my willpower to clock in the clicks (haha) just isn't there. I'd be happy if I can do 3km now without giving up.

Of course there are always classes to attend, which is the main reason I decided to fork out moolah every month for a membership, but the schedule doesn't really seem to fit mine very well. The classes I'm interested in are either too early or too late. Sigh.

But anyways, I'm not here to whine. I need to buck up and be more focused and hit the gym more regularly. After all, the grasshopper and I have a 6 month 'plan' to look good by the time we meet again and it also coincides with my sister's wedding.

Wish me luck!

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