Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Today Was Such An Awesome Day

Slept in.
Met LGG at the Mandarin Oriental for champagne brunch.
Got drunk before 1pm by drinking on an empty stomach.
Free flow of booze.
Yummy buffet.
Received a wrongly-sent birthday greeting for KT on my phone from an Uncle S in London and proceeded to tell him how I (pretending to be KT) had a sex dream about him and how I (pretending to be KT) thought he was so hot.
Drunk called the grasshopper. Four times.
Drunk SMSed the grasshopper. Many times.
Convinced the grasshopper to declare that he missed me on FB.
Got back home and hung out with Mark.
Went for dinner with Mark, my sis, mom, nanny and SF.
Ate too much.
Went for ice cream after, despite eating too much.

Booze. Good food. Good company. That's all you really need to make it an awesome day, eh?

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