Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Finally got to satisfy my craving for popiah, not once but twice yesterday! So pleased.

Had lunch with Hera yesterday and she brought me to QiJi at Funan. One thing I really ought to remember more often is not to order when I'm hungry cos I often tend to overorder my food. Lol. So I had 2 popiah, 1 plate of chee cheong fun and 2 otah. Lol.

The popiah wasn't too bad but it wasn't homemade. I took the afternoon off and headed to Hair Mechanics and rebonded my hair again. Bianca was there and I was surprised she remembered my name because the last time I went there was a year ago!

Got a trim, rebonded my roots and did some leave in treatment thing. All for a hefty price of $318. *coughchokefaint* The trim was $48, the rebonding $230 and the treatment $40. *coughchokefaint*

This is why I only get my hair done once a year. Lol.

But with a neat hairdo on my head, I made my way to LGG's place and had homemade popiah. No hellos when I stepped in her house, just 'Let's eat'.

I think I had 3 popiahs, 2 half-popiahs (no skin, just the fillings wrapped with the lettuce leaf) and several spoonfuls of filling (no skin, no lettuce leaf). It was GOOD.

Topped off our meal with some jelly and chng tng and headed up to chit chat, plan our Tibet trip and just laze around. Hehehe.

I feel full just thinking about how much we ate. Lol.

Got home, chatted with the grasshopper for a bit and then finished reading my book and went to bed.

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shakeyourbooty said...

I LOVEEE popiah too!! And I think the Qi Ji one is nice :)