Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back From Bali!

Woot! I'm back from Bali, and like all holidays, I had an awesome time. What could go wrong when all you do is eat, sleep, drink, and laze around?

Had some rather interesting firsts during the trip. First time to Bali, first time trying a shake, first time in a gay club.

I think I'm a fan of gay clubs now. It was so liberating to be able to dance and smile at people without having to worry about anyone who is going to try to pick you up, or grope your ass. Whee! And where else can you get a bunch of men dance along to Barbie Girl? Lol and Single Ladies too. *grin*

Am glad to be back though. (Ok ok, I ran out of money, that's why.) Headed to the office after I landed, got some work done (why!) and then met Ching for dinner after. Went to bed early and here I am right now.

8 more weeks to Tibet!

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