Monday, August 16, 2010

Back In Town

After 5 weeks of being on the road, I'm finally back in Singapore for a longer stretch of time. My next work trip would probably be in end September.

It's been an interesting time away from Singapore, and honestly I didn't feel all that homesick. Missed my family and friends for sure, but I wasn't miserable at all.

Got to finish watching all 4 seasons of Dexter, and also managed to finish reading a couple of books. It's been a while since I spent time doing me-things, and it was really nice. Staying in hotel rooms was good for a slob like me, you leave the room in a mess and come back to everything nice and orderly. Heehee.

One month and I didn't get sick of the food in India. Well, I had non-Indian food a couple of times, but on the whole I was a happy camper. Especially with the discovery of Elco's in Mumbai- 25 pani puri basket = love.

Time to think about what to do career wise. I realised that my attention span for work lasts about 2 years, and already I'm getting bored. Do I really want to organise yet another Open House? Yawn.

Sure my job is pretty cool and now is the 'slack' period where all we do is travel and attend school fairs, but... It get boring and repetitive. Ah well, let's see how it goes. Have a couple of ideas up my sleeve, but nothing for any immediate action. (Don't worry, Benny. I'm not quitting. Yet. Hahahaha.)

Anyways it's mid-August already but time seems to be moving oh-so-slowly this year. But it's all about attitude, and I'm gonna try to keep a good one :)

Happy days. Gonna plan the grasshopper's trip to Singapore. Yay! Nothing firmed up, but hopefully we'll get to celebrate my birthday together. Whee!!!

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