Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Days

Oh I think I mentioned this briefly but I'll mention it again. Happy days! The grasshopper is coming to town. Yay!

No dates fixed, but he was thinking of coming in September. I looked at the calendar and thought maybe it would be fun to celebrate my birthday together. Plus it'll give him more time to save up for the trip and birthday present (wahahahahaha).

I already have a list of food he has to try when he is in Singapore:

Chee cheong fun & chwee kueh- not because it's on any must eat lists but because I was craving it when I was sick and cribbed about how manchow soup (wtf is manchow soup) just wasn't Chinese.

Crab- chilli crab, pepper crab, salted egg crab. Slurp. Oh and cereal prawns! This has to be a group effort so we can try all the different crabs. He sorta freaked when I said one crab each. Lol.

New Asia Bar- ok this is not a food but I do want to bring him there since I go there all the time and boast about the amazing view. Nice chill out place.

Chinese restaurant- no specific place in mind but I want to bring him to a Chinese restaurant and ask him to find manchow soup and chicken manchurian on the menu. Lol.

.. I'm sure there are plenty of local eats that the grasshopper must try- laksa, chicken rice, nasi lemak, popiah etc but slowly I guess.

I'm so excited!

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