Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Bliss Of Sleeping In

I hadn't realised that today was a public holiday till Monday, so was very pleased to get a much needed mid-week break.

C mentioned that I neither look nor behave like a 30 year old, but I certainly do feel like it occasionally, especially when it comes to bedtime. Gone are the days of late nights and sleeping for only 3 hours before having to get up for work the next morning. These days, a "late night" is if I sleep at midnight. Oh, the shame!

Anyways, I indulged in a little mid-day nap today and how glorious it was! The clouds had started rolling in, the temperature was dropping with the gusts of wind that blew in through the window. Snugly wrapped in the warmth of my blanket, I drifted off to dreams of pies and lego men.

An hour and a half later, I'm on my way to get my muscles kneaded and my back pounded. Might head to Bishan Park after and enjoy a rainy day with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. Bliss.

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