Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching Up

Had a lovely time catching up with C tonight, the last time I saw the boy was probably 7-8 years ago! Dinner was at Sushi Tei at East Coast, and one of the advantages of driving (him, not me) is being able to go to out of the way places for food.

Not that Sushi Tei can't be found in town. Lol. (But East Coast is so nice now! I really need to go there more often.)

We had more than 10 years of conversation to catch up on, and updated each other on various aspects of our lives. Our families, marriages, kids, careers, and random childhood memories.

And it was very nice being able
to talk to someone who knows how it was like growing up where I did, and we had a right laugh when we remembered the poppy incident. *grin* Happy times.

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