Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off To Not Mt Bromo

I'm still feeling kinda bummed that I don't have enough time or energy to go to Mt Bromo during this leg of the trip. According to everyone who has been there, it's spectacularly beautiful and is a must-see if you're in Surabaya.

Unfortunately, it requires an overnight stay- so that you can wake up at 4am (or whatever ungodly hour) to see a stunning sunrise. I'd have tried to squeeze a trip in by flying in a day earlier, but the back-to-back trips and the many concurrent events have left me with no choice but to leave a visit to the volcano on my to do list.

One more work trip, then back on 4th in time for my birthday (heh at least I will be in Singapore this year), my event on the 8th, then one more trip 9th. *gulp*

Ah well. Time to check in.

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