Friday, October 7, 2011


Somehow one usually equates turning older with getting wiser, but that's not necessarily true. Judging by how I managed to leave the house today with dripping wet hair, I'd say my IQ might have dropped a couple of points. (Yes, dripping. The back of my shirt is actually soaked now. Not damp. Soaked.)

Anyways. I'm finally in the same age band as LGG, and cannot officially use youth and it's accompanying stupidity as an excuse to, well, do anything stupid. I could, but then everyone would just roll their eyes. So I have no excuse for the wet hair, really.

Ideally I'd take the day off, but I have to be in the office as my event is tomorrow. Bummer. But that doesn't mean no celebrations tonight.

The girls have planned a party for me. My first! I usually just have dinner at home with family and meet friends for dinner and/or drinks. But I 长大了, and according to them, deserve to have a party to welcome me to the ranks.

A party! With food and booze and more food and even more booze (Apparently there will be 8 bottles of bubbly, red wine and white wine- each. 2 bottles of vodka. And a giant 1.8l bottle of sake. I'm scared). And all my friends. I feel so loved. *grin*

Of course, one of the advantages of hanging out with older friends is that I can never complain that I'm old (cos they are older hur hur) and I have seen how wonderful life can be. Not that I had any doubt, but it's exciting nonetheless.

So bring it on! I'm ready.

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