Saturday, October 1, 2011

Huat Ah!

This is a bo liao post cos I'm in the office waiting for my temps to finish up and I've got nothing to do. (Or do I hmm..)

Anyway, was browsing around on FB and a friend posts a print-screen of an SMS he gets, saying that he won $2,000,000.00 USD in the lotto. And naturally, being the cock person that I am, I post a congratulatory message saying how lucky he is. A couple more people post similar comments, telling him that he needs to buy us dinner and basically celebrate.

Somehow in situations like this, there is always that one person that just Does. Not. Get. The. Joke. So this person basically tells us off and warns us that it's a spam message. And our "reaction"? One of fake shock and horror. And he still Does. Not. Get. It. and basically replies to say that we have to be careful in the future.


Well, I'm sure it's all good intentions. But give us some credit la.

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