Thursday, October 31, 2013

2 More Months!

Oh my, 2 more months till the end of the year. How time flies!

It's been a good year so far. Things at work are getting hectic and my health isn't in tip top shape, but I'm still counting my blessings.

The recent spate of gushing about +3 is an indication of how good things have been between us, I guess. It's an odd combination of early days and the sense that we have been together for a longer time than it actually has been.

The parents like him, and just today my mom asked if he was out of town because she hadn't seen him in a while (2 weeks). Hehehe.

Two more months till 2014 and all I can say is that I am thankful for the way things are now and I hope that my family and loved ones will have good health, happiness, love, prosperity and peace. :)

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RETA said...

I wish you well.