Monday, October 7, 2013

...Aaand We're Back!

Time really flies when you're having fun. Our weekend getaway to Malacca was great!

The coach we took (Luxury Tours) was comfortable and spacious. The ride to Malacca was about 4 hours, and we got there at about noon. Walked to the hotel (not as far as everyone seems to think), checked in, chilled for a while, and hit the streets.

We had kueh pie tee and ayam buah keluak at Nancy's Kitchen, cendol and coffee at Lao San Cafe, and sting ray, carrot cake, sotong and assam laksa at the night street market.

Breakfast at the hotel, more ayam buah keluak and kueh pie tee, as well as assam fish and popiah during our second visit to Nancy's Kitchen. Chilled for the rest of the day at Calanthe Art Cafe and had coffee and brownie.


Malacca never fails when it comes to stuffing face, and I'm glad +3 found the food delicious. We have our next trip planned in November! Wheeeee!

My favourite part of the trip was really how easy it was to travel with +3, even when it came to small nitty gritty things like how we pack our bags. I guess the great thing about the early days of any relationship is the discovery of new things about each other that reminds you how aligned you are.


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