Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Batam And Back

+3 and I were trying to figure out what to do on my birthday. We had both taken the day off and our original plan was to go to Universal Studios Singapore and have a day in Sentosa.
Unfortunately our Malacca jaunt left us both feeling a little under the weather (too heaty but it was totally worth it!) and I wasn't up to queueing for rides under the hot sun.

We deliberated. A picnic? Walk in the park? Shall we still go to Sentosa? Suddenly he said the magic words, "What about a cheap massage in Batam?"


Nevermind that we had just come back from Malacca and that our bags were not even unpacked. We checked the ferry schedule and figured out the timing in order to get back to Singapore in time for dinner with the parents.

Off we went! We took the 1230hrs ferry, and headed to the highly recommended Sports Massage Centre. After an hour and a half of kneading and pounding and stepping on our backs, we were heading back to the ferry terminal to catch the 1640hrs ferry. Almost missed it because of the traffic jam, but thankfully we got there juuuuust in time.

Rushed to meet the parents at Spring Court for another epicly yummy meal, and then headed home to pass out from the after effects of massage and good food.

I know I've said this many, many times, but I feel blessed. So very blessed.

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