Monday, October 14, 2013


I went for my first acupuncture session over the weekend! The muscles around the neck and shoulder have been really tight, and I've been suffering from really bad headaches for the past couple of months. It was getting even frequent in the past week, so I decided to see a TCM to get it sorted out.

No surprises, I'm full of "re qi". The TCM doctor did a bit of gua sha and cupping, and then (I imagine) she whipped out the needles. I expected her to poke needles all over my neck like a porcupine, and was surprised when she started removing my socks.

Me: Erm, you are going to poke my ankle?
TCM: Yep!
Me: Mine is neck pain leh.
TCM: *something about meridian points*

Ok la. Since she is the TCM doctor, and she comes recommended, I guess I should trust that she knows what she is doing. Hehehe. Interestingly, the moment the needle went in, I felt an almost immediate sense of relief. Nothing very life shattering or what, but it definitely felt better.

She prodded my neck after that, and lo and behold, the pain was less!


She did another spot somewhere on my shoulder, and it's been 2 days and (touch wood) no headaches. Heehee. Happiness is having my qi flow all over, baby.

Of course, in the spirit of true kiasu and kiasi-ness, I also made an appointment to get my back alignment checked at the chiropractor this afternoon. Hopefully they will be able to sort out any lingering issues, and relieve the stiff shoulders and neck mucles that I constantly seem to have.

Wish me luck!

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