Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Oh I've been showered with so much love over my birthday, I really am so blessed.

Most of them came from "expected" sources- Dinners with close girlfriends. Weekend getaways with +3. Birthday celebrations with +3 and the parents. Facebook well wishes from people on my friends list.

But what I never expected was to receive birthday presents from my colleagues. Sure, I get along with them well and fine, and I'd even buy lunch for a few closer ones on their special day. However, I received gifts from 3 colleagues (4 if you include the tiramisu that was made, but for the office, not me lol).

It's a pleasant surprise, even if one of the gifts was a lollipop and outdated CD (which will probably get regifted haha).

And it's a nice reminder that even though I may complain about work and the tonnes of red tape and the sheer amount of paperwork that I need to do, that the people who I work with do make that difference.


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