Sunday, April 30, 2017

15 Month Update

I'm staring at babyAC as he sleeps and at 15 months, he is beginning to lose that baby look and starting to appear more like a little boy. His cheeks aren't as round, his chin is thinner, and he is growing taller and lankier. His socks are getting too small for his feet and his ankles show when he wears pants that used to be too long. 

If I had to describe my boy, I'd say he is a strong willed child who knows what he wants and does not want. He is curious and alert, and constantly observing his surroundings and notices when there are new things and people around. He's a friendly kid, ready to give you a toothy grin if you smile at him and give him some attention. And he likes his ladies, long haired pretty girls are more likely to get a grin from him quickly than guys. Hehe. 

He is also an active boy, always on the move from the moment he wakes to the moment he passes out to sleep. 

These days, he's gotten quite clingy to me though, and prefers me to carry him around the house and cries when I put him down. But give him enough attention and he's a happy boy, and will potter around playing with his toys or exploring the different rooms at home. 

Took him to Vivocity the other day and we were at the outdoor playground. There were a number of kids around and he was happily running around exploring the place. He learned how to climb up and down slopes (with mama holding his hand for support, of course), and when I put him on the trampoline he stood there unsure what to do until he saw some other kids bounce and then he tried it out for himself. 

He's not that interested these days when I sit him down to read books, preferring to point at pictures in his "My First Words" book instead. 

When he sees his dad, he'll say "dah-dee", and when he sees a baby or small kid, he'll say "beh-bee". No "mama" for me yet. Sigh. He can also say "ball" and "apple", and sometimes "turtle" which sounds more like "but tuh tuh". 

It's amazing how much I love this kid, and how much I love +3 when I see him interact with babyAC. I feel blessed! 

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