Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Morning Routine

I think mornings are one of my favourite times of the day, these days. 

I wake up at about 7-730am as +3 gets ready for work, and usually go back to sleep and try sleep in for as long as babyAC allows. Sometimes we wake up at 8ish, sometimes 9ish. I change his diaper and get ready for breakfast.

+3 prepares a cup of oats for me in the mornings, and I add a bit of hot water to it. I prepare a cup of water, some bread and some fruit to have breakfast with the little one. Put him in his high chair with something for him to play with: a spoon, a toy, the remote control, and try to give him oats. Or bread. Or fruit. (He currently LOVES mango.) 

Breakfast usually takes about an hour or so, and I try to do some laundry while he plays for a bit on the playmat. Two hours after he wakes up, I try to prepare him for naptime. We read a bit, nurse him and hope he falls asleep. 

If I'm tired, I'll nap too. If not, I'll do some chores or play some games or prepare lunch. Heheh. 

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