Wednesday, April 12, 2017

First Family Holiday To Hong Kong (11-18 Apr 2017)

Whee! We're now in Hong Kong and the weather is almost perfect! It was raining today but otherwise the temperature was between 19-21 degrees celcius, which is such yummy weather for sleeping in. But we didn't, of course. 

Arrived yesterday at around 2.30pm, and had a late lunch at the airport. Went to Tsui Wah and had some noodles and their toasted bread with condensed milk. Rented a wifi router (60 hkd a day because I forgot to collect the one we booked at Changi), bought the train tickets for the airport express to town (170 hkd for 2 pax, one way to Central Station). 

Met with +3's cousin, Zhen, and her husband who took us to Da Ma's home in Siu Sai Wan. After unpacking and chatting for a bit, we made our way to have dinner with the rest of the family. 

At dinner with Zhen, her husband and 2 kids; Hui, her husband and 7yo kid, Ling and da ma. It was really nice to meet more of +3's family, and being able to speak in Mandarin helped me communicate with them much easier than with some of the relatives in Indonesia. Bought some fruit for babyAC at a supermarket after dinner. 

This morning, we went to the supermarket again and bought a few more snacks and stuff (diapers too hehe), then had a quick nap before making our way to town with cousin Ming and his daughter Christine. 

We went to Causeway Bay to have a dim sum lunch. Was originally planning to go to the Peak but the queue for the tram was ridiculously long, so +3 and I walked to the nearby botanical garden instead. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it started to rain, so we took shelter and waited for the rain to pass. BabyAC had a nice hour long nap too. 

Made our way to Tai Ku for dinner and had Thai food at one of the restaurants at City Square. Ling and Christine actually managed to get babyAC to eat more than a few mouthfuls of rice today! We need to come to HK more hehehe. 

Settling down for the night and tomorrow we are off to Macau. 

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