Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sleeping In Is Fun To Do

Aah it feels good to just sleep in and not have to worry about rushing in to the office in time. *stretches*

Stayed out late last night, had dinner with my sister at TCC. Had one of the sandwiches that I usually have, which was alright, but the sandwich my sister ordered came out burnt and tasted awful. Boo.

We booked tickets to the movie Knowing, and hung out at Starbucks while waiting for the show to start. The movie was not too bad until the ending, and we left the cinema feeling cheated that it was such a crappy end.

Finally got home at 1.30am, took a quick shower and collapsed into bed. I just got up and will see what I shall have for brunch.

Might head to the Botanic Gardens later, weather permitting. It's been such a long time and I think I really need to start exercising again.

Ok, time to look for food.

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