Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Being A Tai Tai Is Hard Work

I remember watching this documentary a long time ago which featured the lives of really rich women (or rather, the wives of really rich men). One of them was this Russian lady who married some banker (haha bet he's not so rich now eh) and her only job was to look beautiful. In one of the scenes where they were interviewing her, she says something along the lines of how hard it is and how busy her days are having to go for massages, the hair salon, manicures, pedicures, facials.. you know, the works.

Anyway, fast forward to lunch yesterday and the department was having a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues who has found greener pastures. The whole team was there and we were chatting over Japanese food, when my boss asked how my weekend was. I gave him an accusing look and said I WAS WORKING ON SATURDAY and I think the bitterness on my face was quite apparent because he immediately said, oh why don't you take the afternoon off.


The moment he said that, I whipped out my phone and sms-ed Ki to help me make an appointment at the hair salon. Hehehehe. I was grinning throughout the rest of lunch and when we got back to the office, I finished up whatever work needed to be done and then made my way to the hair salon.

I decided to get my hair rebonded because the straight hair looked really good after my haircut on Saturday. Plus, my mom kept nagging at me for leaving the house with unruly hair. Hehehehe. I knew the process would take 3 hours, so I went to the salon all prepared with a book, ready to transform my hair. Long story short (it's getting late, I need to get to the office), I also had a manicure and pedicure done and the total time I was at the salon was a whopping 5 hours. OMG. I was drained by the time I left and was horribly late for my dinner appointment.

My hair is really straight now, a tad flatter than if it had just been blown dry, but I guess that's the trade off. It's really neat now, although I have to resist the urge to tuck my hair behind my ears. Lol. Apparently I really need to take care of my hair because it's all dry and whatnot, but nothing that a treatment now and then plus regular conditioning can't solve.

Dinner was at Handlebar at Gillman Village. We had the beer butt chicken which was nice, but I really really liked the beef chilli. **slurp* It was quite a nice place, albeit a little out of the way, but I doubt I'd go back there any time soon.

Alright, time to get ready to get to work. Watching CATS tonight with Ki! Wooohooo.

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