Thursday, April 2, 2009


Oh well, he didn't. Lol. Which explains why I could send that last post. Hehehe.

Anyway, I'm awake and I can't sleep and I'm feeling hot and sticky. I'd take another shower, but I'm feeling so lazy. I wish I didn't have to go to the office so early tomorrow. I think I'm beginning to feel burned out.

Gah. I need to be positive and less whiny. Except that it's easier being positive when one has gotten enough rest. Sleepy people tend to be cranky, and cranky doesn't go very well with a sunshiney, positive attitude.

Very random things I feel like doing now:

Float in the sea.
Get a foot massage.
Go to a spa and get my body scrubbed and pampered.
Buy a grill pan.
Check into a 5 star hotel and sleep in a comfortable bed with lots of
soft, fluffy pillows.

Another random thing that doesn't really make sense:

Maybe the colour blue that I see is different from the colour blue that you see. Since colour is essentially different light waves (I think), maybe how your eyeball perceives a light wave of x frequency (or whatever light waves are measured in) differs from the way my eyeball perceives it.

It's just that we all recognise the same colour and call it the same colour because the wave pattern is the same and we're taught to recognise that wave pattern as a certain name from young.

Maybe this is why different people like different colours. Maybe the way you see red is actually how i see green and maybe everyone just likes the same colour.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Interestingly, do you realise that no one else will ever see the world exactly the way you do?


Ki said...

I have thought that nobody will ever see the world exactly the way I do...but I never thought about the colour thing...

But yes, I like that idea!

Let's go to a spa. I could use some pampering too.

bunnygoeszen said...

Where? I feel reluctant to go to spas in Singapore because you know you can get them much cheaper elsewhere. Lol.