Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up

I was sitting in the office the other day and thinking about how far I've come in the past (censored) years. From being a willful and spoilt child who would slam doors, throw tantrums and yell at my parents, to a reckless and self-indulgent student who didn't give two hoots about grades or studying, to the naive graduate who would cry whenever my boss scolded me, to the confident (and very egoistic haha) and more settled person than I am today.

I've learned much in the past few years and I like the person that I have become. One of the things I realised recently was that I manage people a lot better these days. Perhaps it's because I've matured and have a better understanding of things than I used to. I'm definitely more patient than I used to be and I think I'm beginning to read people better as well.

I do know that there is still much to learn, but for the time being I think I'm just going to enjoy things the way they are for now and just look forward to the journey ahead.

[Countdown: ONE MORE WEEK!]

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