Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm so pleased! I've had to go to the office half an hour earlier than my normal working hours every day for the past three weeks, and now that I don't have to this morning, I'm going to have breakfast at home! It's normally a mad rush as I wake up with just enough time to get ready for work and dash out of the house, and breakfast is either a grabbed slice of bread on the way out or bought on the way to work and eaten in the office.

This morning I've got soft boiled eggs, some toast and a nice hot cup of hmm.. I don't know what I'll drink. Ooh I love having the luxury of time to make such decisions! *grin* (Yeah yeah, I know some of you will say just wake up earlier so you can have breakfast. That's not the point.) Maybe I'll have coffee. Or milo. Or honey citron tea. Hmm. Decisions.

Anyway I've got the day off tomorrow (YAAAAY for understanding bosses) and I'm so excited. I've got nothing planned, maybe I'll go visit Eunice at home tomorrow. Might hang out with Summer if she's free, and if we're good, might get some exercise in.

Also, I'm thinking of getting me an iPhone. No, I don't need a new phone (my current one works perfectly fine) and I don't need to have an extra bill to pay. *sigh* But it's so pretty. And if I get it I can claim the cost of the phone as part of my company's flexible benefit programme. And have I mentioned it's so pretty?

Shall think about it this morning. Now, breakfast time!

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