Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Life Changed In Less Than An Hour

Less than an hour was all it took for my marital status to change from married to divorced. It was amicable enough, although I think the Ex left feeling rather angry at certain demands that I made. Oh well, all I asked was to get what I was entitled to.

Still feeling happy, although the euphoria has worn off some. It feels almost like how you'd feel during the countdown to the new year- lots of hype and excitement, and and all the partying, but when the actual moment comes and goes, you realise the day is not much different from any other day (except you didn't have to go to the office). Lol.

I do feel a humongous sense of relief that everything is settled though. And a growing sense of excitement that, yes! I can date again! Yippie!

Met up with Peggy after the deed and we had a nice time out, and then headed back home (to take a poop, if you need to know). Gonna shower, and then going to have a celebratory dinner with my sister and cousin. Yaay!


alantru said...

It's amazing how through it all, it all ultimately comes down to less than 60 minutes.

Once it’s done, the ups and downs all come into focus.

It’s done.


Going up!!!

bunnygoeszen said...

Yes, it's a huge sense of relief knowing that everything has been settled. Thanks for the well wishes! :)

alantru said...

You're very welcome.