Saturday, August 27, 2011


OMG I think it's a uniquely Singaporean ability to constantly be able to stuff one's face.

We arrived in Malacca and headed to some roadside shop to have satay celup- various skewers of fishballs, meat, fishcakes, seafood, you tiao etc cooked in a simmering pot of satay sauce. OMG sedap sia!

In the morning we had nonya laksa, then A&W for lunch (coney dogs, how I've missed you) and assam laksa for dinner with a bit of rojak and chendol. Slurp.

Did the touristy thing and headed to a'famosa, and also took neoprints at the mall. Ended the day prowling Jonker Walk for knick knacks to buy.

All in all a tiring but highly satisfying day. Chicken rice balls tomorrow!

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