Friday, August 26, 2011

Leaving On A .. Bus

Whee! We're off to Malacca tonight! Chicken rice balls and chendol, here I come!

But first I've got to survive the countless meetings and appointments that plague my day today. It's inhumane, I say, to make people work on Fridays.

Anyway, babycakes (new nick! no more slutty lol), XY and Mich will be heading up tonight and crashing at Mich's aunts place. Free accomodation is always da bomb. Imagine an entire weekend of stuffing face.. oh wait, I do that most weekends already. Hehehe.

We'll be back on Sunday night, despite Tuesday being a public holiday. Don't think a leave application for the 4 of us on Monday would be approved. Plus I have my photography class (which I'll blog about later).


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