Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Cravings

Having been traveling in and out of India for the past month and a half, each time I'm here, I just crave non-Indian food.

Reading Sus' blog and how she had chilli crab and Jumbo, and my mouth waters. I waaaant. Plus I've not had my previous durian craving satisfied (why ah?). Sigh.

I'm not normally so whiny when it comes to food, and am usually quite easily pleased. As long as it's tasty, I'm a happy camper. And Indian food is definitely high up on the tasty list. It's just.. bad associations? Who knows.

Spent the day in the hotel today playing this game. Could have gone out for a walk but I've seen most of Dehradun in the couple of days I've been here (it's really a small town) and it's too hot out to walk around.

Back to Delhi tomorrow. I'm doing my research online for some nice restaurants to eat at (haha, non-Indian of course) and then off to Ladakh on Sunday. Woot!

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