Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photography 101

Can't seem to fall asleep despite taking the drowsy meds, so shall blog about the photography class that I've been going for.

Alvin has apparently been learning photography from this guy for the past three years or so, and has been waxing lyrical about how skillful his teacher is. Since LGG and a couple of friends were interested in going for class, I decided why not.

We were warned, though, that lessons would be taught in Chinese. *gulp*

Got the contact number of the teacher and somehow I was tasked to make arrangements for the class. Me? Speaking Chinese?! Here's how the conversation went.

me: Hello, 请问你是 Alvin 的 photography 老师吗?(so far so good) 我是他的朋友。我们想跟你学... (pause cos I didn't know the word for photography)
teacher: 哦!你是 Alvin 的朋友!对,他有跟我说你们要来学 (dammit I didn't catch the word for photography! He is speaking too fast!)
me: 是的
teacher: bla bla bla (something about how he doesn't normally teach basic photography cos he usually teaches advanced stuff.. but cos of Alvin he will teach us..)
me: 哦!谢谢!(pause cos I could not think of anything else to say)
teacher: bla bla bla (something about how the students he teaches are winning awards..)
me: 是吗?很好啊。(OMG this conversation seems to be going waaaaay off tangent.)
teacher: bla bla bla (still going on about ... hmmm I stopped listening)
me: 哈哈哈 (polite laughter cos I have absolutely no idea what he is saying)
teacher: bla bla bla .. 上课..
me: (oh did he say something about class? I try my luck..) 我们想在下个星期四上课,可以吗?
teacher: 星期四?让我看一看.. 应该没问题。我还有 bla bla bla (something about other students who will be joining the class too)
me: 可以 (what did I just agree to?!)
teacher: bla bla bla (again I think he is telling me about him not teaching basics.. but I'm not sure)
me: 是吗?哈哈哈 (the only response I know)
teacher: bla bla bla (he talks a lot)
me: 哈哈哈,可以。(again, not sure what I'm agreeing to)
teacher: bla bla bla .. 你给我你的 email, 我再给你我的地址。
me: 好的,我现在 sms 你。(yay! conversation finally over!)
teacher: bla bla bla (?!?!?!)
me: 哈哈哈,好的,我现在 sms 你。BYEBYE!
teacher: ok, byebye
me: *phew* (I survived!)

Anyway, that's how I fumbled along trying to arrange for the class. The entire conversation took a good 20 minutes. A lot of "哈哈"s and "好的"s and "可以"s from my end. *hangs head in shame*

Later, the teacher sends me a looooong email (written in Chinese omg) to confirm the dates and times, and all I could come up with to reply was "可以". Lol I even forgot to thank him, where have my manners gone?!

More on the actual class in another post. Lol.

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