Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whiskey Appreciation 101

Ok I'm officially turning into an uncle.

Met up with Alfred to have dinner and check out cameras at Funan. The camera I'm eyeing only costs $629 with free 8GB memory card, extra battery, camera casing and mini tripod! I was going to buy it but Alvin suggested I borrow Rod's camera and play around with it first before deciding on a purchase, so I guess that's wht I'll do first.

Then met up with EYS and had some beers and shisha and had a nice evening chatting and dispensing advise (me not him) about not worrying too much about screwing one's kid's life.

Conversation went on to how I've not actually learnt to appreciate whiskey (bleh) and somehow we ended up back home and sampling some of the whiskeys in his collection. Something about peaty whiskeys vs non-peaty whiskeys. Yawn.

Spent more time playing with Vanilla and Caramel, his two retriever-poodles.

So the whiskeys he let me try were smooth and easy on the throat, but I don't think I'll be stocking up on my Glenfiddichs or wadyacallems any time soon.

But man, am I turning into an uncle or what?

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