Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Day In Dehradun

And so far, I like it.

Dehradun is rather undeveloped, compared to the other cities that I have travelled to. The plants along the sides of the roads are overgrown, there are cows and monkeys and dogs running on the street (well, not the cows), it's crowded but has a simple and blast-to-the-past vibe to the place. Sort of reminds me of Goa, minus the beaches and throngs of ang moh tourists.

Checked in, took a quick shower, and left the hotel for my appointments. After I was done, I drove to Clement Town and visited the buddhist monastery there. There were quite a number of Tibetans there, walking around the stupa chanting with their prayer beads in hand. It also seemed like a place for Indians to hang out- you could see couples sitting here and there on the grassy patches. (No Amorous Activities Please, said the many signs around the place. Hehehe.)

I spoke to a Tibetan guy who was sort of a caretaker for the temple. I said the only Tibetan I remember (tu chi chieh- which means thank you) and he was so happy he took me on a mini tour of the place. :D

Got back to the hotel with every intention of exploring the area, but zzz. I took a shower, got into my sleeping clothes and now I'm all ready for bed. It's still early in India, only 9pm, but my body is in Singapore time (11.30pm). My allergy is flaring up and my lips are all red and swollen now, I wonder what I ate.

Think I'll log off and go to bed. Zzz.

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