Monday, January 28, 2013


Spent the day with Aunty Fe. Mark and my sis were still sleeping in so Aunty Fe and I decided to go to the shops to buy some stuff. Picked up these really yummy yogurt pretzels, and a nice gallon jar for ma.

Went back home, and snoozed for a bit, and when Mark and my sis got up, we headed to Abuela's (I think) for mexican food with Ate Cheche and the kids.

The last time I saw them was during our holiday in the Philippines! Maxine was still a bub and Jacob was a little boy. How time has passed!

We went to the outlet malls and also picked up some groceries for dinner. Had a nice home cooked meal of roast chicken and vegetables.

Left early in the morning, and made our way to the Antelope Canyon. Amazingly beautiful. Then we headed to the Grand Canyon, and arrived when it was dark. So we will explore tomorrow.

Had dinner and was hanging out in the room. Forgot to get my flip flops so was outside heading to the car when I realised it was snowing!!!


My first snow! I wasn't so sure, thanks to my last experience in Ladakh, so went back in to ask Mark and my sis. I WAS RIGHT! IT WAS SNOWING!!!


:) So I'm glad I went out to grab my flip flops.

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