Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Just had an amazing experience at The Gun Store with Mark. Went there thinking of getting a few shots in with the basic package, but after chatting with the guy at the counter, we decided to pick the package that allowed us to shoot 6 guns.

I want the full gun experience, is what I said.

So we picked out 2 hand guns, 2 semi-auto rifles and 2 machine guns.

Started out with 40 shots with the Glock 19 (9mm). Initially being in the gun range was quite "shocking", the gun shots were really loud and you could feel the impact. My first few shots were quite tentative, but with 40 shots, you really got to experience how it's like to shoot a handgun.

Second gun I had was a semi-auto rifle, ghe Beretta CX4 (9mm). I got 20 shots of that, and the impact and recoil was definitely larger than the Glock.

Third was a big handgun, the Dirty Harry (44magnum). Although I only had 10 shots, it was a much heavier gun to shoot. But oh my, what an experience. Apparently the Dirty Harry is one of the 2 largest handguns in the shop.

My fourth gun was a shotgun (12 gauge). I originally chose an Uzi but after chatting with the guy who was supervising us, he suggested using a shotgun (since I wanted the full gun experience lol). Got 10 shots out of that.

After that we moved on to the machine guns, and I had the MP5 (9mm) and the M249 S.A.W. (.233), with 50 and 40 shots respectively. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

The MP5 was a little harder to handle as it would veer to the right, but oh my, what an experience! The S.A.W. is apparently the gun that they mount on humvees, and when you finally get it hot enough to shoot all the way... ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!

I'm so glad we decided to do this. It's really been an epic trip!

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