Saturday, January 19, 2013

SF: Day One

Ahhhh I'm finally here after an interesting flight from Singapore > Tokyo (Narita) > San Francisco.

The plane ride wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought, thanks to pre-planning and choosing exit row seats. They also allowed you to charge your phone so I was well sorted on the entertainment front.

A slight delay on the SG side meant I got to Narita late, which left me with very little time to catch my connecting flight. I had to run through the terminal, and managed to catch my flight in the nick of time. Hehe. At least I got a quick workout in to let the blood flow.

Finally arrive at SF and they confiscate my bak kwa. Ta ma de. Methinks it's cos CNY is coming up and the customs folks are going to have a good time. Bah. Oh well, at least they let everything else through.

My sister picks me up, and it's her first time coming to the airport alone. It's so niiiiice to see her, and awesome to see her show me this and that about the place.

We head home so I can take a quick shower. "So long on the plane and you don't want to shower?!" she says, when I asked if we can go eat instead.

I unpack, take a quick shower, check the goodies that we bought online that were delivered, and make our way out. Destination: The Cheeseboard, where we queue up for an amazing butternut squash and kale pizza. Mark later says that the buttersquash and kale is his least favourite pizza, lol. So I'm guessing we are heading back there again one day to try a different flavour.

Sister and I shop around- we go to Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Starbucks (so I can fuel up), as well as a couple of other shops. Go back home to meet Mark, nua a bit, and head back out to meet Mark's friends.

The view from their place is AMAZING. You can see the lights from the city and the sunset is breathtakingly beautiful. I plan to take a walk around the area and explore the neighbourhood.

We had dinner at Fat Fish, and ordered too much sushi. The face stuffing has begun. Went to Starbucks after dinner and just hung around chatting with Mark's friends.

It's so weird talking to so many Americans. At one point as I was walking down the street, I hear a large African American lady talking, and I wanted to say "Amen!" when she ended. Need to control self when here. Lol.

Weather is brilliant, although I had a not-so-bright moment wearing flip flops on the plane. It was 4degreesC at Narita and 10degreesC when I landed. Lol.

Alright, I think I should try to get more sleep. Woke at 430am and it's 5am now.


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