Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day ?

Oh man, I've lost track of time.

We got into LA, had ramen (I had a bento set) at what was supposed to be the best ramen place in LA- Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. There was a looooong queue, and after a 30 min wait, we managed to get seats.

Food was good, portions too large, as usual.

Next day, we did the touristy thing. Drove along Sunset Boulevard (singing Sunset Boulevard, of course), walked along the Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard, and drove up to see the giant Hollywood sign.

Had tacos at Guisados, where everything was freshly made. So yum. I had the half of 6 samplers, cos I wanted to save my stomach space for dinner.

Dinner was at Botegga Louie, and oh my, it was probably the best dining experience I've had in the states so far. It reminds me of that italian restaurant at SAM, but larger and more bustling. The kind of place I'd go if I wanted to have a nice meal.

Had a bottle of pinot grigio, some appetisers and amazing desserts. The service was excellent, and I was a happy camper at the end of the day.

Checked out this morning and made our way to Sun City, Arizona. We had donuts along the way, not krispy kreme though, and an In n Out burger for lunch halfway through our 7 hour drive.

Got to Aunty Fe's place by almost 8pm and it's so lovely to see her again. She's got a nice cosy apartment, and I love getting hugs and kisses from her.

We'll be meeting up with cheche tomorrow, and she suggested driving up to Sedona. I googled the pictures and the place looks pretty, but I'm rather tired of being on the road. More tempted to stay home and just spend time with Aunty Fe.

We're off on Sunday and going to the Grand Canyon, and maybe even the Antelope Canyon if we push it. Halfway through my holiday. Am enjoying myself but feel like I need a break from this break. Lol.

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