Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the Grand Canyon to Vegas

Woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow. It was amazingly awesome, so Mark had me gear up and we went around taking silly pictures of me and snow. Sis and Mark snowballed me as I was getting out of the room. Raaar!

Apparently I'm really lucky that my first snow experience looks so beautiful.

We drove out to an overlook and it was completely blocked by clouds. Stood there for almost 30 min and could barely see the canyon.

Went to the visitor centre, caught some video about the origins of the Grand Canyon, and then walked back out to the overlook again. And I'm glad we did.

The skies had cleared out and the view of the canyons was simply breathtaking. It's really humbling standing right there.

We left soon after and made our way to Vegas. Unpacked at Aunty Pat's place, and headed down to the strip. Lost money at both Caeser's Palace and the Bellagio casinos. Boo. (I prefer the Bellagio though.)

Watched the fountain show, walked around, and headed back home at almost 2am. Who would have thought just a mere 24 hours ago, we were at the Grand Canyon?

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